Sprint Booster

digital diesel tuning power boxSprint Booster modifies the signal between the accelerator pedal module and the electronic throttle body. As a result, your gas pedal actually achieves a full throttle response 25% sooner than the stock configuration. Additionally the idle-to-full-throttle pedal travel is reduced. This is especially evident in the low to middle RPM range.

Sprint Booster configurator
tuning configurator for more horse power With the installation of the switch the driver will be able to choose between 3 acceleration programs (2 + factory settings) by pressing the led button.
  • No Light: Factory settings - Sprint Booster is deactivated
  • Green Light: Acceleration Programm 1 - moderate driving
  • Red Light: Acceleration Programm 2 - Aggressive driving

    plug`in solution for easy installThe installation is an easy processplished by technically talented persons.

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