The Tuning Works

Fuel consumption is reduced in the vast majority of cases provided that the original driving style is maintained. To attain a further reduction in fuel consumption, we recommend you fit a sport air filter. Doing this, you also give your vehicle “a bit more air”. The exhaust gas levels of the optimised vehicle do not change.

The performance tuning offered by us is designed for a torque and maximum output boost in the lower and middle speed ranges. Nevertheless, maximum speed is increased in practically all vehicles, since the torque is also increased here. The increase amounts to approx. 5-15 km/h depending on the vehicle.

The performance tuning is tuned in such a way so that none of the limit values of the vehicle or the engine and all related components are exceeded. Although the performance increase can be very clearly felt by the driver, our boxes work constantly in the power reserves of the engine parts and add-on parts. Extra service on the engine are not necessary.

For the purpose of completeness, we would like to point out that after technical alterations the Vehicle Type Approval expires, or else a new inspection in accordance with § 19/2 StVZO (German Licensing Regulations) becomes necessary.